Wendy Yawching, Master Feng Shui Consultant

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in Energy. I believe you are here, right now, because you need the energy of change in your life. Perhaps you wish to improve your personal life… health, finances, relationships, direction.

Perhaps it’s your work or business that needs a boost, a shift, a change. And so here you are. No coincidence. It’s where you need to be.

I’m Wendy Yawching, Master Feng Shui consultant and Board Member of the  prestigious International Feng Shui Guild.

I help people, just like YOU, change the energy of their lives. When the Chi is balanced, harmonious and strong, both inside and outside, transformation begins and your dreams become possible. It really is all about the Chi, so let’s move some!

Contact me. We’ll create some magic…together.

Wendy Yawching
Wendy Yawching
Master Feng Shui Consultant, BTB.
Board member, International Feng Shui Guild


Design    |    Decor    |    Strategic Planning

A one-on-one consultation with me can change your world.

Whether you want to transform your personal life, buy/sell a property, or maximize your business, my unique approach to Feng Shui will empower you to achieve your goals.

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What my Clients say

Christine F. , Trinidad

Cathartic, a revelation and so distant from any other vision boarding experience I’ve ever done. Wendy Yawching’s guided journey to self-discovery is at once surprising and deeply spiritual. I was able to connect with and explore my true self, discover what my heart really yearns for from this life and begin my journey to achieving my heart’s desires with a much clearer vision for my life now and into the future. Thank you so much Wendy! Everyone should have this experience!: 

Shannon H. , Trinidad

Wendy’s approach with our at-home consultation was in-depth and personal and addressed many areas in my home and life that I had not considered. I also learned so much about myself; our day was full of wonderful surprises.
Whether you believe in the energy of your home, or you can use a ‘lift’ in your home, or seek realistic solutions to problem areas (eg. storage or clutter), contact Wendy for a consultation today. Her solutions are practical and mindful and take into consideration your lifestyle, style and home function.
Life is too short to not open your mind and your home to the endless possibilities that her consult may have to offer.

Arlene N. , Ontario Canada

This workshop was the most amazing experience!
I had no idea of how unique and powerful the course would be. I gained more than I ever expected.
Through her knowledge and excellent facilitation, Wendy helped a small, committed group of us to delve deep, and apply tools that will surely help us reach our goals.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in developing themselves.
I’m so grateful to Wendy and the group I shared this with, for the learning, interaction and fun!

Marjorie L. , Vancouver USA

This is a DELIGHTFUL workshop!! For people new to the theory of the five elements or for those more experienced Wendy presents this well organised course with her years of wisdom, in depth knowledge of the beauty of Feng Shui and her masterful teaching abilities. The slides are beautifully presented illustrating the 5 elements clearly and joyfully! Thank you, Wendy. Give us more!!!

Dr. Keshia A. , Florida USA

“So much has happened, so much has shifted.
I’m still taking in the wisdom all around and inside me…
I just want to say a HUGE thank you!
If I had to offer one word for this experience, it would definitely be AMAZING!!!
A close second…. AMAZINGLY HEALING!!!”

Elspeth , Tobago

Wendy has done Feng Shui on two places in which I have lived in Tobago . . . both with excellent results. Exactly what was intended is what I received. For example, in my second abode, my intention was for my intimate two-person restaurant, Table for Two to do well. Within a year Table for Two was the #1 restaurant in Tobago out of 98 listed on Tripadvisor. I highly trust and recommend Wendy as a Feng Shui consultant.

Claude La F , Switzerland

I really enjoyed this introduction to Feng Shui. Ms Yawching uses her many years of presenting topics very well. Her passion for Feng Shui is evident. She introduces the different elements very well. One can quickly appreciate the advantages of using Feng Shui in everyday life. The examples she asked us to work with contribute to our understanding of the topic. A truly enlightening and enjoyable experience.

Terri O , Trinidad/Tobago

This course is a definite must for anyone who is currently working from home or planning on setting up a home office. Wendy is a master at what she does and she makes learning so much fun with her engaging personality!!!

Dr. S. Sage, President GSPCA (retired) , Grenada

Wendy came to perform a Feng Shui assessment of our Animal Shelter (GSPCA). She was obviously very interested in the welfare of the animals as well as the staff and productivity of the GSPCA.
At the end of the very thorough consult I felt that Wendy had really captured the essence of our animal shelter and that we were in great hands. The advice that she proceeded to give us somehow just seemed to make sense to our environment. She is obviously very knowledgeable in her field. Her ideas, creativity and enthusiasm shone through and I personally found the whole consult a particularly uplifting experience.

Sharmila N , Trinidad

Wendy Yawching and her team of angels have transformed my life over a weekend.
I have seen change within myself and I have hope for my future. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this amazing process. I rate this workshop 11 out of 10, and I recommend anyone reading this to really consider this. I am sure your life will be changed!

Veronika Danzer-La Fortune , Tobago

It is a true Blessing to have Wendy helping us here at Being & Healing with Horses!
We have been so grateful ever since Ms. Yawching began sharing her Feng Shui knowledge to the layout of our `headquarters´ in 2012. We asked for her guidance again in 2014 when building our new office space, and then for the third time in 2017 Wendy supported us with our biggest project so far: three acres of land surrounded by the sea where our therapeutic sessions take place, where the horses live. “A fairy land”. This is the comment visitors leave, a land every child dreams of.
The Board of Healing with Horses Foundation / Being with Horses highly recommends the service of Healing Spaces Caribbean.

Chrislyn L , Grenada & Washington DC

Best course ever for personal development !
Wendy Yawching is a fantastic facilitator, has a wealth of knowledge and is a breath of fresh air. I would recommend this course to anyone who is at a crossroad, experiencing transitions in life, needing deep reflections, or charting a new course.

Jenny P , UK

This last weekend on the Vision Board Retreat was an amazing, enlightening experience..It was a joy to share this with some wonderful women. Wendy is brilliant and inspiring and I will be taking forward all that I have learnt for my New Beginning. Heartfelt thanks!

Asha G , Trinidad/Tobago

A million thanks! I thought this workshop would have been a generic vision board event but ohhhh how wonderfully wrong I was.
At the time of registration I was feeling emotionally and mentally burnt out and felt directionless so figured I’d give it a try…suffice to say best decision ever!!!
I came in a blank, monotonous and drab canvas and came out with so many splashes of colour. I felt alive, renewed, rejuvenated and transformed. It was a powerful and magnificent life journey that I’m tremendously glad I took.

Thomas D , Germany

Wendy has a very warm, caring and inviting teaching style. I got so much value from her Feng Shui teaching, she reminds us of things we already intuitively know, and helped me create greater balance in my home. I redid my entire bedroom based on principles I learned from her workshop and it’s become a truly peaceful Sleep Sanctuary. My work space feels tons better, where I can be more focused and productive, and in fact my house feels like a different place. Thank you Wendy, you are a fabulous teacher!       

Usha P , Tobago/Germany

 Thanks Wendy so much for that special evening. This morning I woke up as a somewhat different person. Something really shifted, NO joke!!!!! It’s as if I look through different glasses. Everything is the same, only I see it and feel it in a different way. I haven’t felt so good and “just right” in a very long time !!! Thank you thank you. it really clicked! I found my switch!!!!! Yahoooo!!!!!!!! Love you so much!

Wendy R. , UK

Prepare to be blown away! Don’t hesitate just sign up and do it! Wendy and her team were superb! I have been interested in Feng Shui for many years and thought about doing a workshop locally and now I can safely say that within the first hour I was covering how to incorporate it into my home environment in ways I had never thought possible! I would wholeheartedly recommend Wendy and Healing Spaces Caribbean. Feng Shui your home and your life!

Robbin Moore , USA

Wendy breaks down Feng Shui in such an easy to understand way. She really helped me rethink my office and see what was standing in my way for productivity. She gave me great tips on how to make my office more productive. If you lack energy in your office, if you don’t feel as productive as you would like… then you need to take this class.

Vidya L , Trinidad&Tobago

I knew something was off in my home office layout and wanted some help. I signed up for the Home Sweet Office course with Wendy. Wow. Overnight – I have light, energy and I feel so much more productive! Just by following Wendy’s advice, I immediately felt different in the space. If you need to get your CHI moving in the right direction, sign up and do this course with Wendy soon!

Kayla Stan Phd. , Alberta,Canada

I absolutely loved Wendy's course on Feng Shui. I just moved and had to set up my new office space. Not only did she help me understand why I had chosen the space I had (and if it was good for me), but she helped me design it in a way that will maximize the flow of energy through the space and create the space where I can thrive in building my work and business. I took her lessons and completely redesigned my office space from what I thought and feel that it is so much better than before. Definitely take this course! Perfect if you have no idea of Feng Shui, or if you are looking to design your space in an optimal way.

Lisa O , Germany

Thanks to Wendy’s Energy Vision Board Workshop I was able to open my heart, dust off my soul and pay attention to the things that really matter in my life. I received so much wisdom and inspiration from her, and I put all this into my personal Energy Vision Board. The result speaks loud and clear of what is in my heart, and it just feels mind-blowing! Wendy, I am so happy become a member of your Fire Tribe. Thank you so much! 

Petal J. , Trinidad/Tobago

After years of trying to create a vision board with no success (I seemed unable to connect with the process, or commit my dreams to paper) I became frustrated with myself and the idea of Visioning on the whole began to feel like a struggle.

Wendy’s unique Energy Vision Board process resonated with me on so many levels! I am hugely  grateful to her and her team, for guiding and supporting my journey. I truly feel one with my Vision Board. I have a deep sense of connection and identity with it, and my appreciation for Visioning is at an all-time high. Really, I just FEEL good!

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