Client Reviews

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work with many wonderful clients from across the globe.

I am passionate about what I do, and love sharing it. Thank you all for the inspiration.

Blessings Wendy


-Mary M., Trinidad

“It was an awesome experience… Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us!”

– S. Hutchinson, Trinidad

“Wendy’s approach with our at-home consultation was in-depth and personal and addressed many areas in my home and life that I had not considered. Her home solutions are practical and mindful and take into consideration your lifestyle, style and home function.
I also learned so much about myself just by our initial consultation before going through my home.

Our day was full of wonderful surprises. Whether you believe in the energy of your home, or you are like anyone else that can use a ‘lift’ with your at home solutions regarding a better and more practical flow, and realistic solutions to problem areas (eg. storage or clutter), give Wendy a call or email for a consultation today. Life is too short to not open your mind and your home to the endless possibilities that her consult may have to offer. “

-Elspeth, Tobago, Table forTwo restaurant (

“Wendy has done Feng Shui on two places in which I have lived in Tobago . . . both with excellent results. Exactly what was intended is what I received. For example, in my second abode, my intention was for my intimate two-person restaurant, Table for Two to do well. Within a year Table for Two was the #1 restaurant in Tobago out of 98 listed on Tripadvisor. I highly trust and recommend Wendy as a Feng Shui consultant.”

– Dominique H, Trinidad

“Wendy is quite a Feng Shui Master. She has been trained by some of the top international Feng Shui practitioners and it shows! Her understanding of this ancient science is excellent. She created a wonderful energy space in my home. With Wendy’s energetic “touch”, my home became a lighter and even more prosperous space for both my family members and myself. Thank you Wendy!”

– Nisha, New York

“I have to say that the entire experience with Wendy has been deeply satisfying and heartwarming… She loves what she does and she really cares and that came across with every interaction with her.”

– Veronika Danzer-La Fortune, Healing with Horses/Being with Horses, Tobago

“It is a true `Blessing´to have Wendy now helping to create an even more uplifting ‘healing space´ here at Being & Healing with Horses!

The magical playground has been growing into something amazing! We needed help with the structure and foundation. We have been so grateful ever since Ms. Yawching began contributing and sharing her Feng Shui knowledge to the layout of the `headquarters´ of Being & Healing with Horses in 2012 .

Then again in 2014 we got her guidance when building the new office space, and last but not least, now for the third time. With all her wisdom, knowledge & understanding, Wendy intuitively and with so much compassion came and is supporting us with our biggest project so far: three acres of land surrounded by the sea where our therapeutic sessions take place, where the horses live, a `fairy land´ this is the comment visitors leave, a land every child dreams of .

The Board of Healing with Horses Foundation & the owner & manager of Business Being-with-Horses both highly recommend the service of Healing Spaces Caribbean.”

-Dr. S. Sage President GSPCA, Grenada

“Wendy came to perform a Feng Shui assessment of our Animal Shelter (GSPCA). First impressions were that she was very friendly, sincere and that this was going be a good experience.
 Wendy very cheerfully went through each of the areas at the shelter with many questions that were very much related to our work. She was obviously very interested in the welfare of the animals as well as the staff and productivity of the GSPCA.

At the end of the very thorough consult I felt that Wendy had really captured the essence of our animal shelter and that we were in great hands. The information and advice that she proceeded to give us somehow just seemed to make sense to our environment. She is obviously very knowledgeable in her field. Her ideas, creativity and enthusiasm shone through and I personally found the whole consult a particularly uplifting experience.”

Retreat/Workshop Reviews

-Marjorie L, California

“You are very, very wonderful at what you do and offer to folks. You have beautifully blended practical, straight forward thinking, with the ancient, more esoteric traditions and made a lovely package.”

Kariwak Hotel, Tobago

“The Feng Shui workshop offered by Wendy Yawching was exciting. At the event, Yawching, a Feng Shui consultant demystified the mystery and shared some simple but effective concepts to help persons move closer to their dreams in the Year of the Horse.”

-Dawn G, Real Estate professional, Tobago

“It felt as if you and Feng Shui have a special relationship. A mutual understanding and you are very comfortable with it.

I believe you succeeded in de-mystifying Feng Shui. You immediately brought it down to basic levels and showed that… any space can be analysed in terms of energy flow. People flow. Activity flow. Block the flow… and a form of stagnation takes place that is unhealthy in many different ways. I am sure that was very understandable to all. I thought you communicated well that Feng Shui must be practiced deliberately, consciously, with intention so that we engage the spiritual and emotional in the physical action. I believe it all worked well. Congratulations!”

-Josephine D., Germany

“Thank you very much, you are a brilliant seminar leader and I could feel it is your love to teach and share it with everyone.”

-Keith & Rosalind H., UK

“The presentation was clear and informative. It was presented in a manner that was not only interesting to listen to but came from the heart.

It was very well paced with question and answer opportunities which was great; wetted the appetite to know more about Feng Shui.  Came away enlightened, thank you!”

-Usha, Tobago

““Thanks Wendy so much for that special evening. This morning I woke up as a somewhat different person. Something really shifted, NO joke!!!!! So as if I look through different glasses, all is somewhat clearer. Everything is the same, only I see it and feel it in a different way. I haven’t felt so good and “just right” in a very long time !!!!! Thank you thank you. it really clicked! I found my switch!!!!! Yuhoooo!!!!!!!! Love you so much!”


-MJ, Tobago

“I thoroughly enjoyed Wendy’s seminar on Feng Shui. I have been familiar with the art and science of Feng Shui and know this is a complex and depthful practice, most difficult to present in a short evening. Wendy did an excellent job; her presentation was clear, concise and most stimulating. We were all able to return home with enough new knowledge to make some changes to enhance our space, and the desire to learn more about Feng Shui. I look forward to more of her workshops in the future!!”

-Veronika L, Tobago

“YES, the whole of Tobago needs you! Hopefully many will take the opportunity. Thank you Wendy for blessing us with your knowledge – I feel INSPIRED with the tools of Feng Shui & can highly recommend YOU for people’s home and business space.”