Welcome to my world

Meet Wendy Yawching

So Glad you’re here! 

I’m Wendy Yawching, Master BTB Feng Shui consultant and Board Member of the prestigious International Feng Shui Guild. 

I live on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Tobago, and from there I reach out globally to help people just like YOU transform their personal and professional lives in deep and meaningful ways. 

How? By empowering you to change the Chi.

In my worldview, Feng Shui is the art of attuning the energy of inner & outer spaces. 

I believe that when the energy in your inner and other spaces is balanced, harmonious and strong, and aligned with your core values and goals… then magic can happen!

My passion is to share all the wisdom I’ve gained over the years of being a Master level specialist, to empower you to achieve your most fulfilling personal or business life. I offer consultations, workshops and private mentoring, whichever is the best fit for you.

I would love to help you transform the Chi in your world.


My own personal heritage, combined with my former career as an airline pilot and a lifetime of travel… all of these things have instilled within me an appreciation of cultural variations, so that I can offer a sensitive, worldly philosophy that integrates seamlessly with each client’s personal taste.

Let’s create some magic together