Art of Feng Shui

Transform the way you design, forever!

Art of Feng Shui

Transform the way you design, forever!

The Art of Feng Shui will transform the way you look at design forever. Bring your dreams to life with fascinating Feng Shui tips on how to create a beautiful and harmonious space at home or at work.

This in-depth, dynamic 3 hour workshop will take the mystery out of the magic, and give you practical, powerful insights that you can implement in your life right away.

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What my Clients say

Wendy R. , UK

Prepare to be blown away! Don’t hesitate just sign up and do it! Wendy and her team were superb! I have been interested in Feng Shui for many years and thought about doing a workshop locally and now I can safely say that within the first hour I was covering how to incorporate it into my home environment in ways I had never thought possible! I would wholeheartedly recommend Wendy and Healing Spaces Caribbean. Feng Shui your home and your life!

Jenny P. , Uk

Amazing experience,  illuminating and inspiring....Wendy is a wonderful insightful teacher and I am looking forward to doing another course with her.

Dr. Keshia A. , Florida USA

Every opportunity I have had to learn from Wendy has opened my eyes to seeing so much in the typically unseen aspects of my home (and myself).  She has helped me to achieve the life I truly envision and I am confident that her approach will help you thrive too!