Find your Fire!

The Power of the 5 Elements to enhance your Life

The Power of the 5 Elements to enhance your Life

A special 2 hr Pre-recorded Workshop

$47 USD

Your own personality element will be revealed!
This is a key to understanding how you respond to certain people, places and situations, and it may even help you with future decisions!

In Feng Shui wisdom, the 5 Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood are considered to be the basic energetic components of everything in our existence. Everything we experience, see, touch and feel can explained in terms of the 5 elements.

Hi! I’m so delighted you’re here!

I’m Wendy,  founder and chief magical officer at Healing Spaces Caribbean.

My passion and strength is helping people transform the Chi of their lives.

You see, I believe that it’s all about energy (Chi) and that the quality of the energy in our lives is key to the quality of our life experience, as measured by our sense of happiness, fulfilment  & success.

Over the years I’ve found that an understanding of the Five Elements can bring a whole new way of looking at life, and the world; it can help you to understand the energy at play: within you, around you, in people and spaces.

With that understanding comes the wisdom and power to transform your choices, your relationships, your home, your business … your life.

Interested? Then let me help you to Find your Fire!

Are you ready to change the way you see your world ?


Then come learn how to use The Five Elements of Feng Shui… You will befriend the Five elements, and learn to see the world around you from a whole new and exciting perspective, and how to use the Five Elements to enhance your life.

At Home:

  • Rebalance and Energise your home
  • Support your physical, emotional and mental health
  • Understand and manage your personal relationships
  • Rebrand your wardrobe. Add some Five Element Style to your fashion!

At work:

  • Hire staff with confidence
  • Create more effective teams
  • Increase staff motivation and loyalty

Frequently asked Questions

No: Feng shui is non-denominational and open to all. It works on the concept of energy, which is something we all share. All you need is an open mind and a desire to expand your understanding of energy.

None at all. This is a very simple concept and suitable for beginners. You are Welcome!

Absolutely! I offer several trainings, which can teach you how to improve the energetics of your home, your business, and your personal life. Feng shui principles can help you on the path toward creating the life that you dream of! I would love to be your guide.

Come experience the magic of the Five Elements.
It will change the way you see your world!

What my Clients say

Marjorie L. , Vancouver USA

This is a DELIGHTFUL workshop!! For people new to the theory of the five elements or for those more experienced Wendy presents this well organised course with her years of wisdom, in depth knowledge of the beauty of Feng Shui and her masterful teaching abilities. The slides are beautifully presented illustrating the 5 elements clearly and joyfully! Thank you, Wendy. Give us more!!!

Claude La F , Switzerland

I really enjoyed this introduction to Feng Shui. Ms Yawching uses her many years of presenting topics very well. Her passion for Feng Shui is evident. She introduces the different elements very well. One can quickly appreciate the advantages of using Feng Shui in everyday life. The examples she asked us to work with contribute to our understanding of the topic. A truly enlightening and enjoyable experience.

Christine Francois. , T&T

Wendy...Bravo! This was certainly a great refresher of the knowledge I'd gained from participating in your program a couple of years ago! Referencing the 5 elements in the work environment was truly helpful too. Great job

Terri Osborne , Tobago

This course will definitely get your fired up about your life! Each module builds beautifully on the one before it as Wendy explores how the elements can be used to enhance every aspect of your life