Home Sweet Office

Create your most effective work-from-home space

Creating your most Effective Home Workspace

A special 2 hr Pre-recorded Workshop

$57 USD

Are you a corporate person who has transitioned to working from home?

Are you finding it a challenge to stay focused, be creative, meet deadlines, deal with clients or close those sales?

If so, you are in great company!
Even though working from home is now the norm rather than the exception, many people have no idea how to make the transition an effective and successful one.

You see, the energy is different.

Our homes are typically where we seek sanctuary from the energy of the office  or  business. It’s our rest and relax, family time space, and we set it up to support that.

And now you need your home to double up as an effective workspace, and   odds are it’s not a comfortable energetic fit.

Would you like some powerful, practical tips to create a comfortable yet   highly effective workspace in your home?>

This  pre recorded  workshop is only 2 hours long yet packs a wallop.

You will learn how to set yourself up in the most powerful position and simple adjustments that will help you to :&am

  • Stay centred and focused
  • Keep your energy high and creative
  • Perform at your best

…all from the comfort and convenience of your Home Sweet Home!

Frequently asked Questions

Yes. Even if you can’t do everything mentioned, every little shift that you can make will support your success.

Yes. Having a partner working in the same space is a special situation and one in which the needs of both of you should be considered. I would recommend you do this workshop first, then connect with me for more in-depth mentoring to ensure you are served in the best possible way!

This can be both a joy and a challenge, especially if they are asking for your attention while you are trying to work. Being a parent can definitely get in the way of effective business operations!

Special techniques apply here… I suggest that you take this workshop and see how many of the 6 tips can help you. Then if desired, I would be happy to consult with you further on your specific situation.

If you have never experienced the magic of Feng Shui before, you will be amazed at the difference these simple techniques can make to your energetic comfort, personal power, and effectiveness!

What my Clients say

Terri O , Trinidad/Tobago

This course is a definite must for anyone who is currently working from home or planning on setting up a home office. Wendy is a master at what she does and she makes learning so much fun with her engaging personality!!!

Thomas D , Germany

Wendy has a very warm, caring and inviting teaching style. I got so much value from her Feng Shui teaching, she reminds us of things we already intuitively know, and helped me create greater balance in my home. I redid my entire bedroom based on principles I learned from her workshop and it’s become a truly peaceful Sleep Sanctuary. My work space feels tons better, where I can be more focused and productive, and in fact my house feels like a different place. Thank you Wendy, you are a fabulous teacher!       

Robbin Moore , USA

Wendy breaks down Feng Shui in such an easy to understand way. She really helped me rethink my office and see what was standing in my way for productivity. She gave me great tips on how to make my office more productive. If you lack energy in your office, if you don’t feel as productive as you would like… then you need to take this class.

Vidya L , Trinidad&Tobago

I knew something was off in my home office layout and wanted some help. I signed up for the Home Sweet Office course with Wendy. Wow. Overnight – I have light, energy and I feel so much more productive! Just by following Wendy’s advice, I immediately felt different in the space. If you need to get your CHI moving in the right direction, sign up and do this course with Wendy soon!

Kayla Stan Phd. , Alberta,Canada

I absolutely loved Wendy's course on Feng Shui. I just moved and had to set up my new office space. Not only did she help me understand why I had chosen the space I had (and if it was good for me), but she helped me design it in a way that will maximize the flow of energy through the space and create the space where I can thrive in building my work and business. I took her lessons and completely redesigned my office space from what I thought and feel that it is so much better than before. Definitely take this course! Perfect if you have no idea of Feng Shui, or if you are looking to design your space in an optimal way.

Debra A. , Patetta USA

This was my first ever intro to Feng Shui training. I personally enjoy connecting to nature and energy and found it fascinating to be apart of this training. I was very intrigued with the information that was presented. It got me thinking how to best rearrange some things that energetically might be holding me back. Thank YOU for providing such an empowering and intriguing informational workshop. I found it very thought provoking and beneficial with helping me understand how to achieve the MOST energy flow, when creating workspace, for forward movement. It has changed my perspective in how I see and feel things even more deeply. I am excited to work towards making some much needed changes for greater energy flow. Thank YOU, Wendy!