New Beginnings

The Ultimate Energy Vision Board Experience

Join me for New Beginnings, the Ultimate Vision Board Experience

A life changing virtual workshop retreat

Jan 26-29th 2023

$287 USD

Are you feeling STUCK, discouraged, or perhaps a little fearful about what lies ahead?
You are not alone! These days, many people feel that way.

When life throws us a bunch of curve balls it’s easy to forget what’s really important, to lose sight of our dreams, and end up feeling stuck, overwhelmed and powerless.

But I can help.
For the past 10 years it’s been my passion to help people just like you to find the energy and power to live their best lives.

A few years ago, I created a unique Energy Based Vision Board process that blends Feng Shui wisdom with traditional vision board techniques.

The results have been phenomenal in terms of helping my clients get their lives back on track towards their most important goals.

In this immersive 4 day virtual workshop we will dive deep together, you will reconnect with those dreams of yours and you will learn how to express them on a special Energy Vision Board.

You will leave with a vision board unlike any other, a kick-starter action plan, and an accountability partner to help you stay on track!

Best of all, your personal Chi (that’s your inner energy) will be all fired up to take massive, meaningful action!

Sound exciting? It is!

This life-changing workshop (where you get 18 hours of personal small group training with me) is amazingly priced at just $287 USD and includes these free bonuses:

  • 2 group coaching calls after the workshop
  • Support from our exclusive New Beginnings facebook community, where you’ll be able to hang out with other more experienced Vision Boarders as you continue your journey.
  • One 30 minute private coaching call with me

Can you already feel the love and support?

Registration is limited to 10 guests, because that way everyone can get my personal attention. So don’t hesitate! 

Thurs 24th Nov : 5:30 – 8 pm ET
Fri 25th Nov : 5:30 – 8 pm ET
Sat 26th and Sun 27th Nov
9:30am- 12:30 pm ET and 1:30-4:30 pm ET
You must be able to attend ALL of the sessions in order to have the best experience; if you can’t commit, then this is probably not the training for you.
But if you are READY to make this investment into your Life and your FUTURE, this may just be one of the most impactful programmes you’ve ever done.

Frequently asked Questions

Ah… That’s a great question.

Traditional Vision Boarding is about expressing your dreams in tangible form. It’s a very powerful tactic used by many successful people! Feng shui is all about ENERGY (we call it the Chi). The energy within you, and the energy that you put into each life situation, are the keys to living your best life and achieving your greatest success.

In this amazing workshop, I’ve married the two concepts.. with phenomenal results! (Check out our testimonials below)

Its a great fit for You if…
You’re feeling SCARED or STUCK when you look at the future
You’re facing a major life transition
You need help envisaging your path forward
You are ready and willing to invest in yourself and take action!

Another great question (I love great questions)!
This is a unique technique that no one else offers. It’s the most effective and powerful vision boarding process ever. Think of it as the difference between dipping your toes in the water, and diving full in, to swim to another beautiful shore. Huge difference!

Give yourself permission to Re-Vision your Life!
There will never be a better time.

What my Clients say

Christine F. , Trinidad

Cathartic, a revelation and so distant from any other vision boarding experience I’ve ever done. Wendy Yawching’s guided journey to self-discovery is at once surprising and deeply spiritual. I was able to connect with and explore my true self, discover what my heart really yearns for from this life and begin my journey to achieving my heart’s desires with a much clearer vision for my life now and into the future. Thank you so much Wendy! Everyone should have this experience!: 

Arlene N. , Ontario Canada

This workshop was the most amazing experience!
I had no idea of how unique and powerful the course would be. I gained more than I ever expected.
Through her knowledge and excellent facilitation, Wendy helped a small, committed group of us to delve deep, and apply tools that will surely help us reach our goals.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in developing themselves.
I’m so grateful to Wendy and the group I shared this with, for the learning, interaction and fun!

Sharmila N , Trinidad

Wendy Yawching and her team of angels have transformed my life over a weekend.
I have have seen change within myself and I have hope for my future. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this amazing process. I rate this workshop 11 out of 10, and I recommend anyone reading this to really consider this. I am sure your life will be changed!

Chrislyn L , Grenada & Washington DC

Best course ever for personal development ⭐️
Wendy Yawching is a fantastic facilitator, has a wealth of knowledge and is a breath of fresh air. I would recommend this course to anyone who is at a crossroad, experiencing transitions in life, needing deep reflections, or charting a new course.

Jenny P , UK

This last weekend on the Vision Board Retreat was an amazing, enlightening experience..It was a joy to share this with some wonderful women. Wendy is brilliant and inspiring and I will be taking forward all that I have learnt for my New Beginning. Heartfelt thanks!

Asha G , Trinidad/Tobago

A million thanks! I thought this workshop would have been a generic vision board event but ohhhh how wonderfully wrong I was.
At the time of registration I was feeling emotionally and mentally burnt out and felt directionless so figured I’d give it a try…suffice to say best decision ever!!!
I came in a blank, monotonous and drab canvas and came out with so many splashes of colour. I felt alive, renewed, rejuvenated and transformed. It was a powerful and magnificent life journey that I’m tremendously glad I took.

Vidya L , Trinidad &Tobago

This Weekend's Vision Board Retreat with Wendy was by far the most useful and relevant self-reflection experience ever. I wish I had done this earlier in my life.  Happy Beginnings/Re-start everyone - it's never too late!

Lisa O , Germany

Thanks to Wendy’s Energy Vision Board Workshop I was able to open my heart, dust off my soul and pay attention to the things that really matter in my life. I received so much wisdom and inspiration from her, and I put all this into my personal Energy Vision Board. The result speaks loud and clear of what is in my heart, and it just feels mind-blowing! Wendy, I am so happy become a member of your Fire Tribe. Thank you so much! 

Petal J. , Trinidad/Tobago

After years of trying to create a vision board with no success (I seemed unable to connect with the process, or commit my dreams to paper) I became frustrated with myself and the idea of Visioning on the whole began to feel like a struggle.

Wendy’s unique Energy Vision Board process resonated with me on so many levels! I am hugely  grateful to her and her team, for guiding and supporting my journey. I truly feel one with my Vision Board. I have a deep sense of connection and identity with it, and my appreciation for Visioning is at an all-time high. Really, I just FEEL good!