Your Home Your Vision Board

Energize your Home and your Life!

Join me for

Your Home Your Vision Board

Energize your Home and your Life!

June 25 2022

10:30am-3:30pm ET

$67 USD

Did you know that your home tells a story? It speaks of you, your life, your experiences of joy and sorrow, and where you are on the journey of life. It has a very strong energy of its own (we call it Chi) that  dynamically interacts with your own energy every single second that you are there.

During the past couple of pandemic years, most people have spent much more time at home than before, making the energetic impact of our homes even greater.  Working from home may become a norm going forward, which means that  we may spend the biggest percentage of our lives at home.  As human beings we are constantly affected by our environments… the good news is that we can change our environments to make us feel amazing!

In this fascinating 4 hour workshop, I show you how to re-vision your home space so that it has the energy of abundance, health, support for your family and your career, and of course love.

Let your home radiate the energy of all that you desire to attract in your life, as you work, play and sleep!

Energize your home and your life.
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What my Clients say

Jenny P. , Uk

Amazing experience,  illuminating and inspiring....Wendy is a wonderful insightful teacher and I am looking forward to doing another course with her.

Dr. Keshia A. , Florida USA

Every opportunity I have had to learn from Wendy has opened my eyes to seeing so much in the typically unseen aspects of my home (and myself).  She has helped me to achieve the life I truly envision and I am confident that her approach will help you thrive too!

Josefine D. , Germany

Thank you very much, you are a brilliant seminar leader and I could feel it is your love to teach and share it with everyone.