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When the world situation settles down, many of these workshops will once again be held in stunning Caribbean locations; but for now we are communing, learning, and having fun online.

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Workshops & Retreats

Create your Ideal space using the Art of Feng Shui

Find your Fire: The Power of the 5 Elements to enhance your Life

All About Love: Enhance your Relationships with Feng Shui

New Beginnings: The Ultimate Energy Vision Board Experience

Your Home, Your Vision Board

Home sweet Office: Creating your most Effective Home Workspace.

Practical Feng Shui Tips for Your Business Success

Feng Shui for a Joyous Garden

Real Estate: Buy with confidence, Sell with Success!

What my Clients say

Marjorie L. , Vancouver USA

This is a DELIGHTFUL workshop!! For people new to the theory of the five elements or for those more experienced Wendy presents this well organised course with her years of wisdom, in depth knowledge of the beauty of Feng Shui and her masterful teaching abilities. The slides are beautifully presented illustrating the 5 elements clearly and joyfully! Thank you, Wendy. Give us more!!!

Terri O , Trinidad/Tobago

This course is a definite must for anyone who is currently working from home or planning on setting up a home office. Wendy is a master at what she does and she makes learning so much fun with her engaging personality!!!

Sharmila N , Trinidad

Wendy Yawching and her team of angels have transformed my life over a weekend.
I have seen change within myself and I have hope for my future. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this amazing process. I rate this workshop 11 out of 10, and I recommend anyone reading this to really consider this. I am sure your life will be changed!

Chrislyn L , Grenada & Washington DC

Best course ever for personal development !
Wendy Yawching is a fantastic facilitator, has a wealth of knowledge and is a breath of fresh air. I would recommend this course to anyone who is at a crossroad, experiencing transitions in life, needing deep reflections, or charting a new course.

Vidya L , Trinidad&Tobago

I knew something was off in my home office layout and wanted some help. I signed up for the Home Sweet Office course with Wendy. Wow. Overnight – I have light, energy and I feel so much more productive! Just by following Wendy’s advice, I immediately felt different in the space. If you need to get your CHI moving in the right direction, sign up and do this course with Wendy soon!